Four San Diego Photos

Not necessarily the best, but since I just got back from San Diego, I thought I’d show you four fun photos I took.

I suspect this will be Bill’s favorite photo. It shows just how far I’ve come since the days we started dating and I didn’t like coffee. Now I’m taking the hand-grinder, aeropress, and whole beans when traveling alone. My friend Jen had a comment on that. (She’s not wrong to wonder.)

I have no idea how large the brewery who makes this beer, Warsteiner is, but I know they are German (though that page is USA), have been passed down to (through?) their ninth-generation of owner, and make a damn tasty pilsner. Not as hoppy as some would prefer, possibly from too big a brewery for some (there was some implication of that around), and with a faintly funky aroma.… Continue reading →

Throwback Tuesday

Well, I’m in San Diego, having just finished attending Beer Bloggers’ Conference. I’m spending a few days checking out the zoo, pondering and discussing the con, and otherwise checking out this fine town. As such, I thought a quick post of links from December 2012 or later might be fun reading. My thinking is one for each category.

They’re not inherently the best posts from the first two and a half years of the blog, but they’re ones that are memorable, or interesting, or something. I hope you enjoy.

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Relish. Relish Friends. Relish Food. Relish Life.

Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley arrived at my house about two days before my birthday last year, with a gift note saying Rick apologized if he missed my birthday, because he was pretty sure he had.

Obviously, he hadn’t. And I was floored, because I would never have expected a gift from Rick. And not only did I have one, it turned out to be a perfect gift. I didn’t know it at the time. My birthday is the day before Christmas. I sat down Christmas day and picked up this book. I picked up this book in that Christmas moment, after the major festivities are over, dinner’s still awhile away, there’s some sort of delightful, warm beverage in a holiday-themed mug on the coffee table, and all just feels right with the world.… Continue reading →

[128] Spent Grain Sandwich Bread

Adapted from the Amish White Bread recipe on AllRecipes.

This is actually a challenge recipe. I know our initial rules specify that recipes from the internet don’t count. However, this is both a recipe from the internet and one a friend had carefully selected to give to me for Christmas one year (back in 2008), in a recipe book. I love the book and I love MBBB and thus I’m delighted to share with you.

Of course, as it was a selection from MBBB, when I finally went to make this recipe (more than four years after this blog started), that I included spent grain flour was only fitting.

And man. As soon as I made it, I regretted not making it sooner. I’ve had it before (without spent grain flour).… Continue reading →

Spent Grain Flour

So, there I was, merrily writing away on how to make spent grain bread when I realized something important. The recipe calls for spent grain flour. And I hadn’t written how to make spent grain flour at home…

Thus, deciding I didn’t want to do this backwards, you’re just going to have to wait a few more posts for the spent grain bread recipe. This is a good thing, actually. I promise. It means you can both learn more about how you’re going to make this fine bread AND I can experiment yet more on how to make sure it’s delightful.

Plus, don’t you need to plan your brew day so you can get some spent grain?1

Anyway, on to making flour. What I do is a slight modification from what the fine folks at Brooklyn Brew Shop do to make their spent grain flour.Continue reading →