I Need Your

Recipes for sage, nasturtiums, pomegranate molasses, and lentils as a summer dish.1

Suggestions for things I should put in my smoker, now that I’m home again for awhile.

Book recommendations. Any kind. Ignore the fact that I am in the middle of Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward2, have three more books from Octavia Butler in my stack from Powell’s, just bought two more books yesterday at the bookshop in my neighborhood, and generally have all of Bill’s books to read. Yes, ignore those facts and tell me other books you’ve read recently that are delightful.

Tequila suggestions. I’m out and I’m looking for a new sipping/mixing tequila. I have one that I’m about to go back to, but I’m curious if you have another suggestion.

Ice cream recipes. The coffee ice cream is delicious, and maybe it’s all I need to make this summer, but I don’t think so.

Thanks, you guys!

1 I made this dish from The Kitchn, but it was not amazing. Mostly because I hate mint. I don’t know what I was thinking. Okay, actually, I do. I was thinking that I wanted a lentil salad, I love walnuts, I had pomegranate molasses (that I’d never used; don’t ask how long I’ve had it), and why not? Because I was destined to hate it, that’s why not.

2 This is an affiliate link to Amazon. At least until the end of the month. I believe they are soon to close my account.

2 thoughts on “I Need Your

  1. Ok, so…Asombroso Rosa for the tequila rec.
    Random comment about how I go through phases with herbs and when I had my sage phase I put it in ev.ery.thing.
    bookwise- easy summer read that’s hilarious: Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for the recommendations.

      I actually don’t like sage much, but inherited a plot in my community garden that has it EVERYWHERE. I’m trying to figure out solutions.

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