A Time to Pause

A friend is moving out west today. From here in Chicago. I’m going to miss him.

Another is going to visit tomorrow night, as she travels from the density of the east coast to the prairies of Canada.

A family member is in incredibly poor health. Updates have been a roller coaster ride and no one knows what’s next.

In-home things have slid to the side as we travel, deal with bad news, with seeing friends, and more.

It’s time for a pause, to collect thoughts, writings, friends’ visits, our family’s updates, the in-home movements. This week, and part of next, I will be taking that pause. I won’t be updating MetaCookbook during that pause. I’ll update again August first.

I hope you find time for a pause (big or small) too, and that we all are refreshed in our pauses.… Continue reading →