More Garden Photos

On Sunday, I called my father and he accused me of only calling out of “an overdeveloped sense of obligation.” This was a load of crap, of course. I called him out of a perfectly tuned sense of obligation. Eventually, we both agreed we could maybe call one another more often.

Then he asked for garden photos and I said he clearly wasn’t reading my blog. To which he admitted, but then pointed out I could be more aggressive about sharing. So, I’ll do that. And I’ll put up a few more photos, because I love him and I think he’d enjoy them. Also, because I enjoy sharing them.

This isn’t my usual view walking in, as I tend to enter from the southwest, not the east. However, it’s a better view than my usual view. Someday, I’ll share my usual view.

This gal just randomly appeared one day. I have no idea why or how, but I really like her, so she’s staying. Unless someone steals her, which would be sad.

These leaves were a mystery to me, but I vaguely recalled John mentioning he’d planted… something… in the corners of the plot. Sure enough, once I put the question to Flickr and Twitter, I got a response that these will grow into edible flowers! (Click through on the picture to see the comments.)

Even though we’d cut the sage back, twice, it’s going crazy. And the mustard greens bolted before I could harvest any leaves. Oops. I’m leaving them there, for now, in the hopes of attracting pollinators. However, I maybe should take them out to give the nasturtiums room.

Bill and I jointly turned this basil, and some other stuff, into some really astoundingly good pasta sauce. I’m not going to lie, if you’re reading this and you’re not Bill or me, you ought to be sad you didn’t get any. Especially because we served it on fresh linguine. Oh! Delightful.

And this is what my plot looked like a couple of days ago. And basically what it looked like this morning when I went to go water it. Not a lot of change. It could use some more plants, perhaps. But it makes me happy to go water it. And if you have advice on how much basil to harvest from a basil plant at any one time, especially to prevent it from bolting, please let me know!

Love you, Dad.