Gardening 2014

I’ve started a bit of gardening again. Previously, I’ve done kind of a lot of container gardening, but I’ve been pretty clear that it’s more for the joy I find in growing things than any sort of self-sufficiency. This is pretty good, because sometimes I only get three tiny tomatoes.

But I’ve taken to gardening on a larger scale. Sort of. I got a plot in a community garden near-ish my home. And then I promptly agreed to share it with a new friend, John. John promptly filled his half of the plot with tomatoes, peppers and basil.

My half of the plot promptly got a couple of mustard greens. And the sage cut back dramatically. But it still basically looks like this:

My friend Toni has sent me some seeds, as a gift. I think it may be too late to plant them. They may go in this plot next year. I’m thinking I’m going to go get some cherry tomato plants. And I’ve been offered some broccoli plants.

Mostly, I’m enjoying the composting. Seriously. A place to take my food waste is deeply appreciated, and I hope to learn more about the process. And I’m enjoying learning what sage flowers look like. And chatting with other members. I was also given a mascot recently. A large plastic spider just showed up in my bed (click through one of the photos to see more garden photos, including my friend there).

I’m still growing things at home, but not many. Some lemon thyme, some lemon verbena, some oregano, some plain thyme. And I want to go repot those, then go visit my garden plot. So I’m going to do that now. I’ll post a recipe on Friday. I’m working on chocolate covering the almonds I recently mentioned. It was fun, but it needs more work.