It started innocently enough. I was sitting down to assess some of the cookie recipes I’d recently been entrusted with, and I’d cracked a cold, low ABV beer to help me in my analyses. I figured I’d tweet about it too, with a jokey hashtag, #CookiesAndBeerWithTasha.

Well, some of my delightful twitter friends saw it and started tweeting back at me. It was a blast. Goofing around. Discussing cookies. And beer. It was so much fun we decided we should schedule it again.

That’s how I came to be attempting to host a Twitter chat, #CookiesAndBeer, last Tuesday.

My original plan was to bake “Italian Filled Cookies” during #CookiesAndBeer, as it was the recipe I most tweeted about during the jokey chat. It seemed complex, fun, and nothing I’d ever made before. Also, it was missing a lot of instructions. I especially wanted to do this because my good friend, Nicky, decided to come over and help. I figured Nicky and I could fill and glaze cookies together while tweeting up a storm to our twitter friends.

I even bought a local Italian bakery’s version of it, to give me an idea of what I was aiming for.

Well, then I spoke to my mother on Sunday. Which caused me to email my cousin. Which, in turn, caused the plan to dramatically change. Because, you see, my cousin is getting married and I’d committed to making a special cookie for her. And I found out from these two that the lovely couple had decided to designate the cookie for an even more special role. Which meant I need to have a fucking stellar recipe by her wedding. I decided it was time to get to work.

So, it was time to make coconut-lime cookies. Spoiler alert: They’re good, but they are not yet fucking stellar. However, I have a plan for next Tuesday’s cookie baking. And I’m making a plan for next Tuesday’s tweeting.

Because, yes, it was super fun, even if I was not the best twitter-chat host. I may want to make this a weekly thing, at least through the wedding. Though my friends may find themselves bored. I hope not!

I mean… cookies. And beer. YUM.