A Permanent Marker Will Make Your Parties More Eco-Friendly.

Seriously. And, in the long run, a marker is far cheaper than purchasing a gazillion disposable cups over the course of a lifetime.

What you need

  1. Sufficient glasses for all your guests.
  2. A permanent marker that contrasts with your beverage. (So it can be easily seen.)
  3. Alcohol in some form. Rubbing alcohol is what I normally use, but I’ve used hand sanitizer in a pinch. Vodka also works. Whatever.
  4. A cloth to apply the alcohol with.
  5. A BSides Chicago 2014 badge, or other bottle opener.

What to do

If you’re having a small shindig, just give each guest the marker and a glass as they arrive. Have them write their name or some sort of identifier on their glass. The only rule is that it must be on unmarked surfaces.Continue reading →