Giveaway Round Two: This Time, It’s My Homebrew

I enjoyed the last homebrew and homecooking giveaway so much that I not only raved about it the next day (and forgot to take pictures!), I immediately decided that, someday, I’d do it again.

Well, folks. Someday is upon us. Because, finally, I have an idea I want to share.

I’m currently brewing an amber ale with coffee in it, mostly because my friend Nancy and I wanted to do a coffee beer at about the same time. The more I thought about it, the more I realized, I also want to host a ton of brunches this summer. And a beer that we’re aiming to make akin to iced coffee? That should be fairly caffeinated? Clearly, this is FATE!

Thus, I’ve asked Nancy to hold her calendar for us. It’ll be the three of us, plus you and one guest if you chose to invite one. Maybe I’ll let her bring a guest too. Maybe. Brunch. Coffee beer. Tasty foods. Life is gonna be great.

Time to do it again, with a few changes. The two biggest rules, that you MUST be of legal drinking age and that you can’t be a friend already, remain. The biggest change is that the date is set already. Brunch will be happening 28 June 2014. I like to have brunch around 11am, but that can be flexible. A little.

In case you didn’t click the first link here, or just want to read it a second time, let’s go through the rules and expected questions again, shall we?

The giveaway opens now, and closes at 2:01 pm CDT on 08 June 2014. To enter, simply leave a comment telling me why you’d like to come over to have beer and brunch with me (and/or Bill and/or Nancy). Only one comment per person will be eligible.

First and foremost: To be eligible for this, you MUST be of legal drinking age in the USA. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Yes, if I feel the need to, I will card you. If I don’t believe your ID, I will invite you in for food, but no alcohol will be consumed. This applies even if I’m wrong about your ID and you’re a very young-looking 40 year old. If you get offended at being carded and/or being denied booze, do NOT enter this giveaway, because if you get offended at me in the moment, I will call off brunch and not let you into my home.

Okay. Now that the bummer of stuff is out of the way, let’s get to other important details. To be eligible for this giveaway, you must be able to get to my house. I’ve got brunch and the beer, but transportation is all on the winner. Thus, I suggest only folks who live in Chicago (or can get here easily) enter, but if you visit often or know you’re coming that day, feel free.

This giveaway is also not open to anyone who has dined and imbibed at my house previously, or could reasonably expect to get an invitation to do so. I love all you guys very dearly, but you already know you basically have a standing invitation. Leave this to someone new. So, as an example, Melissa and Natalie, who won the last round, are not eligible for this giveaway, but Quiana, or Bill-from-Rogers-Park (online only friends, for the moment) should feel free to enter.

Some questions I expect you might have:

How will you pick the winner?

I will throw out any comments that strike me, Bill or Nancy as creepy, distasteful, racist, sexist, or in any way indicate “clearly going to irritate the shit out of us.” After that, any remaining will be subject to random selection, most likely by

Can I bring my friend(s) or significant other(s)?

One is negotiable. Two or more is a definitive “no”. I live in a small space, and no one wants to eat off their knees. However, I understand you may want a companion when heading to the home of a stranger or near-stranger. So, if you win, let’s discuss.

Why not just hoard this beer and give it away like normal homebrewers do?

Because this sounds far more fun. Also, it gives me an excuse to make brunch for people, which I always like.

Can’t you just make brunch for your friends and people you know?

Sure. I do that. And I will again. But, again, this sounds more fun. Also, I invite those people over to get experimented on for brunch recipes. You will get something I’ve already put through a test-run. Which means, actually, that you’re coming out ahead of Melissa and Natalie, since I totally experimented on them.

Can I bring my homebrew to share with you guys?

Sure! Just make sure to bring a reasonable portion for four to six people. Actually reasonable, not 2 growlers of your brew. Yes, a single 12 oz bottle is acceptable if you just want us to have some tasting notes.

In fact, if you want to bring your own homebrew, let me know in advance, and we can plan amounts accordingly. Know that I may still card you. And if I don’t think you’re of age, even with ID, we won’t be opening any homebrew, even yours.

Do I really have to be of age?

Hell. Yes. You knew that. Especially since I’ve now said it a gazillion times.

Do you have enough readers for this to be a reasonable contest? Especially given the folks you disqualified from the get-go?

I didn’t know the answer to that last time and I don’t know the answer to it this time. So it’s still, “It seems we’re going to find out, doesn’t it?”

What happens if you only get one entry?

We found out last time that limited entries means basically guaranteed winning. Nice for you to have a guaranteed win. It’d be nice for me, though, to have to actually USE

What happens if you get no (eligible or acceptable) entries?

I’ll call up my friend Jason, who is my “Beer Husband”, and he will be informed that he has to come drink beer and have brunch with us. If he declines, I’ll call Elizabeth. And then, where last time my plan was to limit computer geek talk to half an hour, this time we will have to promise Bill that we will limit beer geek talk to half an hour.

It’s trade-offs like those that make marriage work, you guys.

So why don’t you just call Jason and/or Elizabeth? It seems like that would be easier.

One, because that’s far less interesting and random than this. Two, because, well, did you read the answer above? Chances are high we’ll go into full on beer geek mode, and Bill’s going to have to console himself by… I don’t know. Experimenting with administering electroshock therapy to unknowing suspects. Like his wife.

So, should I enter?

YES. Get on that!

7 thoughts on “Giveaway Round Two: This Time, It’s My Homebrew

  1. Beer, coffee, and brunch?! You’ve just named 3 of my favourite things! This day was made for me! I’d love to be considered to come dine with you all! *please let me win* *please let me win*

  2. I like brunch. And I really like coffee and beer. And I can get to your place easily (Yes, I’ve done so before!) And I haven’t seen you in ages. And I like brunch. And Beer. And coffee. And especially Coffee Beer. And you. And Bill. And your adorable apartment.

    And if this doesn’t win or I’m disqualified because i can bring my lazy butt over to your house whenever we plan something instead of winning a thing online, we should do that wineo slumber party with Natalie sometime this summer.

    Even if this does win we should do that wineo slumber party… 😉

    …Did I mention that I like brunch??

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