“It’s Always Something.”

A common phrase around our house. Bill is regularly shaking his head and muttering that it’s always something.

He gets it from his dad. Who also often mutters about it always being something.

I’m telling you this because it really IS always something. Today? The something is that we leave the house at “unbearably early” (that’s the official time) tomorrow morning to go visit Bill’s father. And Bill and I are out of the house all day today, and well into the evening for a friend’s birthday.

So, of course, we started laundry last night. And, of course, the washer just stopped working while we slept, thus delaying our packing.

Always something. We’ll get packed up, but today’s planned post will go up Monday or Tuesday, because instead of shooting photos for it, I’m dealing with laundry and packing before I leave for the day.… Continue reading →