Our day yesterday was amazing, as it was last year. Next year will be even better, I’m sure of it.

HOWEVER! Until then, we have some excitement still. We have, as we did last year, a choice we need you to make. Specifically, we need you to tell us which t-shirt is so fantastic and fabulous that the wearer deserves:

1) A professional brew day with Lake Effect Brewing. Let me tell you, this is a fun and interesting brewery, with a very friendly staff and cool, small set-up. So I’m already envying the winner here.

2) Two tickets to Midwest Brewers Fest. Because not only is it fun to see how brewers do their thing on a big scale, then it’s fun to DRINK with brewers. (Note: I don’t know if Lake Effect will be pouring at this fest or not.)

So! Without further ado, let’s look at some t-shirts. Like last year, I’ll show you the beer shirt first.

This year, we had many fewer beer shirts than last year. All the shirts were from breweries. That said, it was much easier to get opinions on the shirts than last year, and the clear winner was this nice guy, wearing a New Glarus Shirt.

Unlike the beer shirt, though, the competition for video game winner was extremely tight. In the end, this nice guy’s shirt won by a single vote. ‘Twas good we didn’t have an even number of eligible votes, it turns out! Something to plan for in the future.

So! Keep your eyes on this post. Monday a poll goes live for voting! And, thanks again to Midwest Brewers Fest and Lake Effect for donating the prizes for this last round of competition.

Vote over at this handy-dandy Facebook link!