Doing It. Again. Beer 2Up!

It was SO MUCH FUN to do Beer 1Up last year, that I said right then and there I’d like to do it again.

Luckily, Eric and Jeremy felt similarly. And Emporium Arcade? They agreed to host us again this year.

Not only is this going to be awesome fun, again, but it’s going to be BIGGER. AND BETTER.

Why? Well, for one thing, it’s more beer. We got to pour from four taps last year, this year we have twelve. For another, Emporium nearly doubled their size since last year, so THERE’S SO MANY MORE GAMES. More brewers! More games! More beer! CAN’T LOSE.

And, our four original breweries have graciously agreed to come pour again. We’ll get to see what they’ve been up to in the last year. The other eight taps? All new breweries. Places that couldn’t have poured at our event last year if they wanted to. Big-ish names, like Aleman, and smaller ones, like Pollyana. I’ll have a full tap list to post soon.

We’re going to have another t-shirt contest. We’re going to have another pinball tournament. We’re hoping to have some raffles.

Most of all, we’re hoping to drink some excellent beer and stave off the depression that comes when you’ve got nothing to do because all your buddies got a ticket to the big party happening in Munster, Indiana that day (April 26th), but you’re stuck in Chicago.

We’ll celebrate their helping kick off the boom in Chicago breweries while celebrating the current newbies. And I really, really hope you’ll join us.

In your best beer and/or video game t-shirt, of course.

Let us know by submitting an RSVP at this handy Facebook event page. Incidentally, that’s also where you’ll get the most immediate updates.