Our day yesterday was amazing, as it was last year. Next year will be even better, I’m sure of it.

HOWEVER! Until then, we have some excitement still. We have, as we did last year, a choice we need you to make. Specifically, we need you to tell us which t-shirt is so fantastic and fabulous that the wearer deserves:

1) A professional brew day with Lake Effect Brewing. Let me tell you, this is a fun and interesting brewery, with a very friendly staff and cool, small set-up. So I’m already envying the winner here.

2) Two tickets to Midwest Brewers Fest. Because not only is it fun to see how brewers do their thing on a big scale, then it’s fun to DRINK with brewers.… Continue reading →

Some Housekeeping

First and foremost, as of late night 23 April 2014, I have re-enrolled in Amazon’s affiliate/associate program. I will, over time, be changing past links to affiliate links, and calling them out as such. Except the Joy of Cooking link in this post which I did last night to test the new way of linking. In the future, other links to Amazon will also be affiliate links (and called out as such). As Bill and I explained in The Rules waaaay back in 2010, we wanted to try it. I’ve also updated the rules to explain how we we came to not be affiliates for a time, and to include the official language Amazon.com wants me to have somewhere on my site. It’s under rule number nine.… Continue reading →

It’s T-Shirt Contest Time Again!

Man, oh man! Beer 2Up is coming again! I know I already mentioned that once but I’m just so excited. And it’s THIS SATURDAY, so I’m even more excited.

Like last year, we’re running a t-shirt contest at Beer 2Up! The rules are about the same (I’ll write ’em out below) and the prizes, as you might expect, are wildly different.

What YOU Could Win!

Grand Prize:

A pair of tickets to Midwest Brewers Fest. This is going to be a lot of fun, and I suspect Mr. Blah… Blah… BEER! and Mr. Subbeerbia will be there. You could spend the day drinking beer with whomever you brought along and getting to know brewers and so on. Mostly, beer. Did I say “beer fest” yet?… Continue reading →

Making Compost

My life has suddenly become rather focused on compost in the last few days. I’ve been, as I’ve mentioned in the past, rather interested in food waste for awhile.

While my interest in compost has remained about at the level mentioned in the linked post, my compost solutions have improved. Sort of.

They’ve improved in that I have a couple of potential methods now to compost some of this stuff. I spoke in the above link about “a specific composting system” that Bill and I would acquire some two or three years ago. And we kept putting it off because we didn’t know what to do with the finished compost. I’d chat with folks, but no one needed it.

Well, serendipity struck. That system? It’s an electric, indoor composter.Continue reading →

Doing It. Again. Beer 2Up!

It was SO MUCH FUN to do Beer 1Up last year, that I said right then and there I’d like to do it again.

Luckily, Eric and Jeremy felt similarly. And Emporium Arcade? They agreed to host us again this year.

Not only is this going to be awesome fun, again, but it’s going to be BIGGER. AND BETTER.

Why? Well, for one thing, it’s more beer. We got to pour from four taps last year, this year we have twelve. For another, Emporium nearly doubled their size since last year, so THERE’S SO MANY MORE GAMES. More brewers! More games! More beer! CAN’T LOSE.

And, our four original breweries have graciously agreed to come pour again. We’ll get to see what they’ve been up to in the last year.… Continue reading →