My Organic Chemistry is So Rusty.

One of the funny things about being in a long-term, live-in relationship is how you can manage, sometimes, to do a single thing that manages to simultaneously irritate your partner and make them happy. I did so recently.

On a whim, I signed up for an online class. But not just any online class. A free, college-(senior)-level chemistry class. Prerequisite of “organic chemistry” listed. My friends JP and Jason are taking the class, and encouraged me to sign up. So I did. Then I tweeted about it.

Which is how poor Bill found out I was suddenly enrolled in this class. And was, understandably, a bit grumpy that not only did he find out about this via twitter and not, say, from me, he also was suddenly married to a woman who had homework again. Homework that was due two days after I signed up for the class, even.


That said, he was pretty pleased, because he knows how much it means to me to exercise my scientific brain and skills. He knows it’s good for me to learn, and he’s sure I’ll enjoy it. Finally, he knew it was, and will be, blog fodder.

And so it is. I’m relearning bits and pieces of organic chemistry and I feel the need to share with you. I’m also learning specific things about brewing which are awesome. Finally, I’ve learned a hair about myself.

For example? I discovered that of the macromolecules that are proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, I remember more of the chemistry behind proteins and lipids, by FAR, than I do of carbohydrates.

I’ve learned that proteins and lipids are vital for head retention. This makes me wonder about Jarred Rouben’s advice to someone that I overheard once to only use bar chocolate to make a chocolate stout, never powdered, very curious to me. I shall demand more answers from someone.

Also? I’ve learned that it sucks just as much to make a stupid mistake on a quiz when you’re not taking a class for credit as it does when you are.

Finally, I’m learning that the methods in this class, which are learning and video lectures, may really work for me. Which encourages me to feel like I’ll be able to take other classes.

We’ll see.