So, here it is the middle of December and I didn’t even tell you all what happened in November. My apologies. Basically, after going so freaking hard in November I crashed, hard, in December.

I’m only just resurfacing, frankly. The shortened days always do a number on me, and it’s been a bit of an odd year overall. But I’m starting to come back up and I realized I should give you all the updates I can think of.

First, I did complete/”win” NaNoWriMo. The goal being 50,000 words in 30 days and I got a bit over 53,000 words. Unfortunately or fortunately, I’m not sure which, this wasn’t in any way the end of the story. So, I kept writing into December a few days, until the aforementioned crash. I’ve been working back up to it, so the story will eventually be completed.

Relating to that, I spent a great deal of time in November eating “shame pizza.” This is defined as the pizza one orders from a major chain pizza place, while living in or very near to Little Italy (or your city’s equivalent). Double shame points if the chain outpost is located in Little Italy. As such, I fully expected to have to report to you guys, as promised in this post that I hadn’t cooked a single recipe. But we did! We roasted a chicken that was basted with soy and other delights out of How to Cook Everything. It was amazing, and supplied us with many leftovers to avoid further shame pizza.

I haven’t gotten very far on achieving my Certified Beer Server status, but I am just crazy enough to think I can possibly still do so this year. Thus, I’m going to try & posts will continue to be slow until the new year, as I’ll be studying.

I love studying.

Expect an update about this around the 4th of January that says something about how I passed or failed and took the test the last possible second, though. Because that’s how a student who can schedule their own test goes, let’s be honest.

I’ve been doing several things with the Chicago Beer Gals Collective this year, and November and December were no exception. You can even spot a photo of me, wearing a brewery shirt & holding a brewery mug I acquired early November in the December post. I plan to keep this and other events up.

My birthday is mere days away. So far my plans involve our friend Nicky spending the night before it with us, then we all go to Little Goat for breakfast. We have lunch with our friend Theresa (probably at Haymarket, as I share a birthday, but not beerthday, with them.). We drink a King Henry beer. And maybe we do Thanksgiving dinner for dinner again. And we get some towel racks hung, though maybe that will happen earlier.

So, that’s the updates I can think of. What did I miss? What are you direly curious about in the land of Bill and Tasha? Ask whatever and I’ll (likely) answer in the comments!