Caught Up.

Well, I promised to keep you guys updated with anything major, and here it is. I’m no longer behind. As of this writing, I’m 35 words ahead.

Tomorrow is Festival of Barrel Aged Beers, so I don’t expect to stay ahead, as I don’t expect to write tomorrow. But at least I won’t be 5k words behind by the end of tomorrow.

The other major development is that it’s abundantly clear this story needs more than 50k words. So, come December, I’m going to have to cut back the pace on the novel a hair so as to catch up with the rest of life. Like this blog! But my hope, at this point, is to have had so much written on the novel that I’ll be unable to stop, even if I’m not tormenting myself with word counts.

But, at this moment, I plan to “win” NaNoWriMo. And I didn’t think I had a chance at the beginning of the year.

Thanks for you patience, folks. I’ll continue to give you updates as they happen.