Three Years, Two Months and Twelve Days

On August 6th, I announced that I was changing the rules of the challenge that launched this blog.

A week ago, I bought my first cookbook since the challenge launched. (Let’s not discuss how many cookbooks I’ve gotten rid of, because I don’t know.)

No one is surprised by this purchase, I suspect. The book screams that it belongs in my kitchen. Even so, before subjecting myself to being anywhere near it (and thus potentially buying it), I made sure to consider if it was simply an impulse purchase. Basically, did it fill a hole in my collection? If not, was this a really strongly wanted cookbook, or just a passing fancy? Did it keep me under 50 total cookbooks?

The last question is the easiest to answer, because it does. Not only have I not acquired any new cookbooks by any means since 6 Aug 2013, I also decided recently to pull and give away yet another cookbook. So I still own ~43 cookbooks.

As for the other two? Well, I realized that it filled a hole in my collection for the exact same reason I wanted it in the first place. As someone who’s become very interested in the play of food with beer, enough so that I’ve said I’d like to get my cicerone certification, a cookbook that can help me with learning that kind of pairing can only be like what this whole damn challenge did for my cooking. It is a good place to start (continue) learning. I don’t have anything else that gives a thought to pairing any kind of drink with the food. So this is my start.

The author of the cookbook, John Holl, was understandably pretty glad to sell me his book. I think I managed to communicate to him that buying this book was a hard call for me, and a big deal for me. I don’t think I could ever have communicated just how big a deal.

But I did make him pose for a photo with me, because he’d written it. I’m very grateful to the guys who got the photos.

Also, would everyone please let me know if you all care to read a list of what I’ve been cooking (as described in the 6 Aug 2013 link above)? I mentioned I thought I was going to do this and hoped people would let me know if they wanted to see that. No one said a word. Then I sat down to start and felt very awkward and boring. So, please tell me.

John insists.

10 thoughts on “Three Years, Two Months and Twelve Days

  1. 1. Awesome cookbook, and I’m dying to see what you do with it.
    2. Yes, I want to know what you’ve been cooking!
    3. It should be illegal to pose for photos in which only HALF of the awesome nerdiness on your T-shirt is visible.

    • 1) Me too! I’m considering making sake-braised beef cheeks for a friend’s birthday. But that’s APRIL! So long.
      2) Counted!
      3) Ha! I’ll bear that in mind in the future.

  2. Yes, I would love to see a list of what you’re cooking!! I’m always interested to hear about the cooking endeavors of others, I’m usually inspired to try something new, or something I’ve forgotten I enjoy.

  3. I’m eager to hear your thoughts and hear about what you’re cooking. Also, it was great meeting you in Chicago and hope our paths cross again down the line over proper pints. Finally, I’m deeply honored that you broke your streak with my book and hope that it lives up to all your expectaions and gives you a lot of wonderful meals. Cheers!

    • Wow, thanks! I’m glad you stopped by my little home on the Internet! I’m really looking forward to making something. Any favorites, from the author? 😀

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