Earlier this week, I got an email from Matt over at River North Beer asking if I bake as well as cook. Ha! Of COURSE I do both. 19 April 2014 Note: River North Beer is now Lakeshore Beverage Company.

Turns out that one of RNB’s clients, Virtue Cider was hosting an apple pie bake-off in conjunction with Sheffield’s. Oh, and there’s cider too. Yeah.

Well. I have just the thing. I mean, I’m crap at pies, but I like baking them. I also like having random blog fodder. You know I’m posting this to tell you I’ll be posting more about it.

So. My plan of attack. I’m going to get a pie recipe from that cookbook and try it out. I’m going to use a tweaked pie crust recipe from Alton Brown. (Already in the fridge!) Following Michelle Foik’s of Virtue Cider’s comments on making cider from the cider tasting and brain clearing event a couple of weeks ago, I’ve picked out three kinds of apples for my pie.

Wish me luck! I don’t expect to win, but my hope/goal is that I don’t make an utterly liquid or disgusting pie. I hope to have time to bake and cool my test pie tomorrow, but more likely it will be Thursday. Sunday’s the big day!

5 thoughts on “PIE.

  1. Well, damn. I’m busy on Sunday. We have such amazing apple orchards up here in McHenry county that I’m never short on apples in Sept/October. I love pie. Pie is both easy, and incredibly difficult.

    I need to stop at the orchard tomorrow and get more Cortland apples. Mmmmmm….

    • No way. I don’t have those skills yet. Though if I eventually get them, maybe I can make a single crust recipe for the whole pie!

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