SlapShot Brewing Beer Debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary

I wasn’t planning to attend SlapShot Brewing’s beer debut at The Beer Bistro’s 8th Anniversary party. In fact, I didn’t even know about the event. When I found out about it, via my friend Jeremy tweeting his disappointment that he couldn’t attend, I seriously contemplated not going. However, not having any other plans, Bill strongly encouraging me to go, and a very honest desire to support debuts and events happening south of North Avenue really put me over the edge.

I’m glad. It was a blast, and it was a at least three different kinds of evenings all packed into one.

It started as a very low-key evening. The brewers and company were tightly packed at one large table and a couple of smaller tables. I ended up at a two-top a bit removed from them and decided to grab their beer and see what it was like.… Continue reading →

Fun Photo Friday! Also, Links.

A long while ago, Bill and I had some friends in town and went to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. Today, I was digging through some old photos I had forgotten about, and came across this gem from that trip.

I had to laugh. Partially because of the game in the learning setting, partially because of what game it is, and partially because I suspect I have a TON of photos like this; computers showing more or something different than they’re supposed to be displaying.

Perhaps it allowed folks an even greater learning experience than normal.

Okay! Also! Two related links to share with you. Read one or both (they’re fairly similar!), and then weigh in on the one that is appropriate for you. Dr.… Continue reading →