A Variety of Things

My last post mentioned that I’d had some moles hacked out of my body and sent off to be inspected. The report on them came back basically fine. I also am healing well, though much more slowly than I’d like. I was only allowed to start bending my right arm again yesterday. Turns out that when you go two weeks without bending your arm much that your bicep objects when you finally do. Also? You can’t aim for crap. Washing my hair yesterday morning was a bit of an adventure. Let’s not even discuss what I look like while trying to maneuver a fork. (Bill laughs. I’m apparently hysterical looking.)

The day before we left for New Mexico, I attended a bottle share and discussion put on by Kim Leshinski of Hail 2 the Ale.… Continue reading →

Let’s Be Honest – Sometimes Self-Care Blows Chunks.

I’ve mentioned once or twice in the past that I worked directly with Michelle Ward, The When I Grow Up coach awhile back. I still follow her on Twitter, among other things, and think she’s pretty swell.

She’s big on “self-care” and has written about it often, most recently talking about how it is more than bubble baths and yoga. She’s got a point, and I’m glad she’s dusting off her cabaret show and doing something with her need to make music and perform. She’s going to be stellar.

But what I realized yesterday, after thinking about it a lot, is that there’s still a lot of framing of “self-care” as a wholly good thing. And I began to wonder if there wouldn’t be some benefit in admitting that, really, it’s a net good thing, not pure good.… Continue reading →

Finger Limes

Last night, Bill made me a couple of very delicious margaritas. They’re really so simple. Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, ice. It doesn’t get a lot easier than that.

We also had, for dinner, what we call “date night food”. It means we splurged on some fancy cheeses, crackers and meats, and then laid out a spread on the table and nibbled and chatted through dinner. We’d love for it to look something like what you see in the first page of Google image results for “cheese and charcuterie board”, but we’re not that good yet. Mostly, it just looks like some giant slabs of cheese on a board, with slices of meat.

One of the the things I’ve been fascinated with since I got into beer is the play of different flavors with each other.… Continue reading →

Greens, Vinegar, Booze and the Promise of Bacon Grease

The building blocks of friendship. Some friendships, anyway.

Awhile back, one of Bill’s coworkers found out where we lived and informed us that we’d moved a block and a half away from her. We’d had no idea. She was incredibly enthusiastic, because she was thrilled to have people she liked so much so close.

I’d had no idea. At the time, I’d met her and liked her, but didn’t feel like I knew her well. Still, when she suggested we go for a walk or two from time to time, I was happy to take her up on it.

Yesterday, she and her new baby came over to visit around 4pm. At some point, she mentioned she had no plan for dinner. And, a bit later, I suggested she just call her husband and they eat with us.… Continue reading →