Talk to Bill, Will You?


So, it’s been a bit since my awesome post about awesome lions. This is largely because I wasn’t sure what to say to you all for a bit, and then my lovely mother came for a visit.

Then, when she left, so did I. Bill had already left. My mom went home. Bill and I went to California. We spent some time in Los Angeles, California with Bill’s uncle (also Bill), before heading up to the Bay Area (San Jose and Santa Clara, mostly, but some San Franscisco, Oakland and Berkley in there).

And LA is what I want to talk to you guys about. Briefly! Very briefly.

And maybe “talk” isn’t the right answer. “Request”, really.

See, Bill left a day before my mother and I did. He went on a tour of the only non-Hawaii US coffee farm, and he had to leave earlier to be able to do so.

It sounded awesome. And fun. And it turns out they grow all kinds of things there. (Uncle Bill brought me back a souvenir to try – the finger lime above.)

Will you guys please ask Bill to tell you about it? You can comment here, you can hound him on Twitter, or text or call or use hand signals. But, please, ask him. I want you guys to know all about it.

Later, I’ll tell you about the single best beverage I had on the trip. A hint: it was non-alcoholic. Also, it was Bill’s fault.

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  1. So…I have strange lime questions. Just one, actually- does it taste any different than a non-finger lime? It’s definitely odd.

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