Talk to Bill, Will You?


So, it’s been a bit since my awesome post about awesome lions. This is largely because I wasn’t sure what to say to you all for a bit, and then my lovely mother came for a visit.

Then, when she left, so did I. Bill had already left. My mom went home. Bill and I went to California. We spent some time in Los Angeles, California with Bill’s uncle (also Bill), before heading up to the Bay Area (San Jose and Santa Clara, mostly, but some San Franscisco, Oakland and Berkley in there).

And LA is what I want to talk to you guys about. Briefly! Very briefly.

And maybe “talk” isn’t the right answer. “Request”, really.

See, Bill left a day before my mother and I did.… Continue reading →

Six Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lions

While that little “about” to the right mentions I have a couple of biology degrees under my belt, I think only a few of my readers know my obsession with lions, specifically. My obsession started just as I was finishing up my B.Sc. and took a study abroad to Kenya. There, some fascinating direct personal experience with lions changed my whole life’s course and goals. I ended up in a Ph.D. program in Chicago with a goal of learning everything there was to know about lions.

I left my Ph.D. program (where I spent a bunch of time reading journal articles about lions [and other things]) and launched this blog within about six months of each other. The launch was three years ago, on 1 June 2010 & the departure was at the end of 2010.… Continue reading →