Rosa’s Avocado Mousse

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Awhile back, Bill mentioned that his mother, Rosa, used to make an avocado pie when he was growing up, and that it might be his favorite dessert of all time.

Me, I was like, “Pie… made from… avocados? Really?”

Turns out, yes, really. And it’s really good. Even when, like me, you forget to make the crust fairly regularly and turn it into mousse instead. It’s good either way, but it’s best when you have a crowd to feed it to. Amazingly, it’ll stay good for awhile in the fridge, but it starts separating a tiny bit around the second day, and by the third day the protective powers of the lime juice start to fade and the avocado starts to oxidize.

It’s never gotten fully brown on me, though. I assume we eat it too fast. Because IT’S DELICIOUS. I’m glad Rosa makes it, and I’m glad she shared the recipe.

h2. Ingredients

3 – 4 Haas Avocados (I like four, but then, I love avocados)
5 limes

1 can sweetened condensed milk

8 oz heavy cream

h2. Instructions

Okay, so, easiest thing ever. You juice the limes as hard as you can into a blender or food processor. Fish out seeds as needed. Then, you drop the avocado flesh in there. You can, and maybe should, mash it some first. I never have, but I always get at least one major chunk in my mousse. Dump in sweetened condensed milk. It’s really sticky, so use a rubber spatula or at least a spoon to get out as much as you can.

Then? Whirr that mess up. Whirr it up super good, so you can pour it fairly easily, and make sure it’s fairly smooth.

Then, pour it into whatever you want to serve it out of. I like those little 4 oz jars, because it’s cute & I can pretend someone will think I’m super good at food presentation. I also like ramekins of various sizes, though smaller is better if you have enough of them. Cover it, and put it in the fridge for at least 4 h, so it can set.

At serving time, whip up the cream into yummy whipped cream and dollop some on top. Don’t over-whip it. If you do, you could end up with butter. Or almost butter, which is actually worse. Almost butter is hard and butter-like, but still whipped-cream-like enough to make you want to put it on your mousse.

Trust me, you shouldn’t do that. It has the texture of regret.