We’re Moving in Two Weeks.

Holy cow. As of this morning, our move date is set, and it’s two weeks from now! How exciting. I’m looking forward to my new place. The pantry’s big enough for food AND my vast beer collection.

Now comes the packing and the getting rid of stuff and the decisions about all of that. What it means for this blog is that I won’t be neglecting you guys entirely, but posts will slow down a bit from normal, and may tend more toward the “link round up” style posts.

HOWEVER! Please do keep your eyes on this blog! I may have pretty big, good news here in the next week, and you guys will be the first to know about it. HINT: If you like beer, are in Chicago, and not traveling to Munster, IN that day, please keep April 27th open until further notice.

Finally, in case you are wondering, I did leave the last post up for longer than average intentionally. Jason is still with us, but I understand he is continuing to slowly decline. I’ll post an update about that too, when the time comes. I hope you all forgive me if it’s short and has some misspellings due to tears.

6 thoughts on “We’re Moving in Two Weeks.

  1. AH! How exciting! I am running the Ravenswood 5K that day, but I assume that beer drinking fun will be in the evening hours.

    I continue to think good and peaceful thoughts for you and your family and friends.

    • Evidence suggests it will be more like brunch beer drinking fun. So, come straight from after your 5K. That first beer will be extra amazing in that case. 😉

      Thank you for your thoughts. We all can use them.

  2. I am an expert at the pain and suffering of moving- 16 times in 22 years. I always found that it brought more excitement than discomfort.
    I am looking forward to an afternoon of good beer and good people! Maybe we’ll have to hit up another watering hole afterward for a bite to eat… I’m guessing it’s going to be such a hit we won’t want to call it a day!

    • Okay, moving brain clearly got to me. Somehow I didn’t see your comment until today!

      Yes, I’m sure you’re correct. Good thing Piece Brewing & Pizza is not too far away!

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