The Fate of BEER is at Stake!

Okay. It’s actually nothing so dramatic. But it IS the fate of these two folks, one of whom will will get a chance to spend a day with the folks at Flesk Brewing in Lombard! Brewday! Good times!

Also good times? Last minute, the kind folks at Naperville Ale Fest gave us two tickets to add to the grand prize here! NICE. Talk about the fate of beer. The winner here is going to get to have a brewday and then have a day of trying all KINDS of new beers.

One of the features of Beer1Up was a t-shirt contest. We had categories of “beer-themed” and “video-game-themed”. The plan was to award a bottle of Dayman Coffee IPA, donated by Aleman to the winners of each category. The winners being picked by having the brewers who were in attendance and the three bloggers voting.

However, we felt the grand prize was so grand we wanted more input. SO! It’s up to the public now. These are the winners for each category. Take a gander at each photo, and then wander on over to this Facebook poll on the event page and vote for which of the two you like best. The public’s choice will win the Flesk Brewday and Naperville Ale Fest Tickets! (I’m pretty envious right about now, folks.)

There were a TON of beer-themed shirts, so it was hard to pick a winner. This one won by a few votes, partially because there were so many t-shirts to vote for that voting was spread thin. Still, most votes is most votes, and several of us liked the simplicity of this shirt.

It's liquid bread. Yeast, grains, water? What more do you need??

As for video game shirts? Well, we certainly loved this one. And it was, by far, the most thematically correct t-shirt. We loved it. However, it got 0 votes. Or infinite votes, depending on how you look at it. It was the only game-themed shirt there! So, winner by default. I did tweet about this before voting began, hoping to entice more folks out.

This kind of mushroom gives more lives! More lives for everyone! 1Up!

Thanks again, folks! I hope you like one (or, better, both!) of these two t-shirts. Please let us know over here and come back tomorrow for a full recap of the event. Spoiler alert: It was amazing.