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It’s amazing how much beer has become “my thing” over the past year or two. I never would have expected this just a few years ago. Heck, in 2007 or so, Angelique felt the need to request we have a little chat about my discovering booze AFTER they and their homebrewing moved away. (Spoiler: We never did have that chat.)

Now, six years later, I’m almost obsessed. I write a blog that’s slowly being taken over by beer. I’ve been known to go rare beer hunting once or twice (post coming!). Vacations and spontaneous road trips almost1 all have beer as something I seek out or a major component of the trip. Coffee beers have turned out to be tasty, and are in fact leading me to like coffee – once considered the vilest of all beverages.

If you’d asked me 10 years ago what my liquid obsession would be in 2013, I can assure you beer wouldn’t have been on my radar. Tea would probably have been the answer. And, in truth, I still drink far more tea than beer, but beer is what I seek out, what I want to learn more about, write about, learn to make2 and more.

It’s been a fun ride. And it looks like it’s only going to get more fun. Tomorrow, for example, Bill and I, along with our friend Kristi, will be heading out on a mini-road trip to The Bluechip Brewfest. I’ll be, for the first time ever, “press” at this shindig. I’m excited, but I can’t say I totally know what that’s going to entail. Except a timely post about it, and the disclosure, here and in the post, that it means Kristi & I got in for free3. Expect a post about it next week, Wednesday or Friday (after the move on Monday).

The other big thing on the horizon I’ve already referenced once. We’re calling it Beer 1UP! and it’ll be on the 27th, from noon to 3pm. We’re meeting with Arcade Emporium today to finalize the details. I could not be more excited, and I hope many of you will be able to come out for it. Those, of course, who are not traveling to Indiana that day for special beer. This event comes out of my co-conspirators’ sadness at having not been able to make the trip. We wanted something else to look forward to, while we cheer on those who are making that trip. More posts on that soon.

Thanks for joining me in this blog, folks. And thanks for cheering me on as my thing went from lions to food to beer. Lions? Still bad-ass. A post or two is still on the docket. Food? Also still awesome. I’ll have some details of how the challenge that prompted this blog will be changing and moving forward by 1 May. Beer?

Well, beer’s my “new” thing. For however long it lasts.

fn1. The exception being visits to New Mexico. Generally speaking, in New Mexico, I’m so busy enjoying family and friends (most of whom do not drink) that beer is little more than a whisper in the wind. Which is funny, because then I come back home to Chicago and lament all the beer I didn’t drink.

fn2. Not that I’d pass up a tea blending class! I’d be there with bells on. I love the little blending kit Angelique and Marty gave me a couple of years ago.

fn3. Bill figured the drive would be fun, but is going to work on his hobbies while we’re beering it up, since he doesn’t drink much. My hope is “work on his hobbies” means “finding every last coffee shop in Michigan City, Indiana and reporting back on their cappuccinos.”

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  1. You’re having a beer event for Marty’s and my anniversary. I know we had talked about the event before, but the date had never sunk in (and, because I’m not local, I didn’t know offhand what the date of DLD was)! Please do toast us (at least once)! 😀

  2. It’s your thing not just because you love it so much, but because you’re so good at it. Congrats on your progress and best wishes for even more. 🙂

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