So, I’ve mentioned a “beer event” a couple of times on this blog. It’s this Saturday. It’s noon to 3:00 pm. It’s going to be awesome. If you just want quick details, wander over to this Facebook event page and read up. If you want some of the background, keep reading.

Jeremy over at Subeerbia, Eric over at Blah…Blah…BEER and I teamed up with Arcade Emporium to bring a fun beer event to Chicagoland for those beer geeks who didn’t manage to get tickets to wander down to Munster, Indiana and buy some very special beer. There’ll be some envy in our group, for sure, and you know we’ll be raising a glass to those making the hike, but we have a little something to console ourselves.

And by “a little something”, I mean, “holy shit, this shindig has ballooned!” The plan started at the three bloggers wanting to run a beer event and Arcade Emporium being willing to be our venue. Once we discussed with Arcade Emporium how to most make the thing successful, in particular having a theme or specific beers we wanted to have pouring would be incredibly helpful, the whole thing came together. Jeremy, who is also a field correspondent for Illinois Brewers Guild, figured he could contact a couple small, local brewers he knows and ask if we could pour their beer.

From this, magic happened. Flesk, Begyle, Ale Syndicate and Lake Effect will all have a beer on tap. Brewers from each place will also be around to meet folks. Atlas, Aleman, Arcade, 4 Paws and Urban Legend will all send brewers to meet folks.

More magic came from Eric, who has done a stellar job of contacting various places to get our event in front of people and let them know we’re coming. He created our Facebook event page. He’s contacted so many outlets it makes my head spin. He’s also been the best cheerleader for the whole event, checking in with Jeremy and I regularly.

Finally, and in further awesomeness, Eric contacted BrewCamp and asked them if they wanted to attend and answer homebrewing questions. Not only did they say yes to that request, they’re bringing a rig to do a homebrew demonstration. Holy cow!

All the details are right here in this Facebook Event link. So you know, we’re also having a competition for who is wearing the best beer-themed t-shirt and who is wearing the best video game-themed t-shirt. The prizes here? Going to be awesome.

So, I hope those of you who are in Chicago and not headed to Munster, Indiana (or are going earlier or later than our event!) will come. Meet some up and coming local brewers! Drink their beers! Play video games! Win prizes with your stylish threads!

Oh, and maybe you could be so kind as to cheer me on in the brewers vs bloggers pinball contest? It’s going to be intense, and while I love pinball, I’m not awesome at it. Lots of flailing with the flippers.

2 thoughts on “Beer1UP!

  1. Hey… finally got back to the blog this morning. great beer stuff! I think you and Bill should come out to Stevenson’s Gorge Blues and Brews Festival the third weekend in June. You know you have a place to stay within walking distance.

    Good work – love – J

    • Thanks, Joe! I do like both Blues & Brews… And walking distance…

      I guess Bill and I will have to chat. Love you!

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