The Fate of BEER is at Stake!

Okay. It’s actually nothing so dramatic. But it IS the fate of these two folks, one of whom will will get a chance to spend a day with the folks at Flesk Brewing in Lombard! Brewday! Good times!

Also good times? Last minute, the kind folks at Naperville Ale Fest gave us two tickets to add to the grand prize here! NICE. Talk about the fate of beer. The winner here is going to get to have a brewday and then have a day of trying all KINDS of new beers.

One of the features of Beer1Up was a t-shirt contest. We had categories of “beer-themed” and “video-game-themed”. The plan was to award a bottle of Dayman Coffee IPA, donated by Aleman to the winners of each category.… Continue reading →

“Life as a Rural Med Tech” at Antijenic Drift

I’ve been slammed with the last minute preparation for Beer 1Up, as well as, honestly, just processing the loss of a dear friend. Ergo, my writing has slipped and I don’t have a long post for you guys today.

That said, I’ve been reading a few things, in particular over at my friend Jen’s blog. It’s the week of the year when she particularly highlights her job and the work of others who hold similar jobs. And, frankly, it’s fascinating. I’ll have something up based on an interview she gave me about her job next week, but I don’t want you guys to miss out. Here’s all the entries she’s ever done for “Lab Week”, and I encourage you to check them out.… Continue reading →

Mead? Maybe Tonight.

Today’s post was going to be a science post. An interview with my friend Jen, who works as in a medical lab, as she tells me it’s National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week. Also, her job is interesting.

I was probably also going to mention Beer1Up, which is my current focus and obsession.

But, frankly, given that our friend Jason passed away last night (not unexpected), instead I’d just like to ask that everyone head on over to this post from about a month ago and read about what a great guy Jason was and how fabulous his wife, Heather, is.

Tomorrow we can talk about beer and blood banks. Thank you all.… Continue reading →


So, I’ve mentioned a “beer event” a couple of times on this blog. It’s this Saturday. It’s noon to 3:00 pm. It’s going to be awesome. If you just want quick details, wander over to this Facebook event page and read up. If you want some of the background, keep reading.

Jeremy over at Subeerbia, Eric over at Blah…Blah…BEER and I teamed up with Arcade Emporium to bring a fun beer event to Chicagoland for those beer geeks who didn’t manage to get tickets to wander down to Munster, Indiana and buy some very special beer. There’ll be some envy in our group, for sure, and you know we’ll be raising a glass to those making the hike, but we have a little something to console ourselves.… Continue reading →

Bluechip Brewfest

As I mentioned in in my last post, thanks in part to my friend Toni over at Food. Just Sayin’,I was invited to cover the 3rd Annual Bluechip Brewfest here on MetaCookbook, and so that’s where I spent last Saturday. It means I got into everything for free, in exchange for wearing a big badge that said “media” and a promise to write it up here.

The Bluechip Brewfest set up is two VIP sessions and a general admission area with about 50 booths/breweries pouring, as well as a booth of fun sodas for designated drivers. General admission started at 1:00 pm and ran until 4:30 pm. The first VIP session was from noon until 1:00 pm, and was focused on food and beer pairings.… Continue reading →