Links! For YOU!

Well, it was bound to happen, right? After not quite three years in one place, it’s time to move again.

It should be fun. You guys will get to peek into a brand new kitchen sometime next month or early May! Ok, well, moving is never fun. But I mean fun for you guys to see some more changes.

So, that’s a quick update on us. However, I thought you guys might be interested in the following three food-related links.

Over at Us News there’s a list of strategies to reduce your personal food waste. I know that, awhile back, I learned how to store cheese properly from my friend Jessie, and it’s helped immensely. However, the link recommends against freezing milk, and I completely disagree with that. I grew up drinking previously frozen milk and have often done the same as an adult. I haven’t noticed any off-putting texture changes.

Then there’s this blog post I got from someone (not the author) on twitter called Eating From Scratch. 4 Nov 2013 Note: The author seems to have deleted this post. It’s a piece talking about how cooking and dinner don’t have to be a production. There’s also some stuff about the horsemeat scandal in Europe, at first, but I was much more interested in the second half of the post. Probably because it resonated with me, partially because I’ve been known to roast a butternut squash and call it dinner. 19 April 2014 note: the entire blog seems to now be deleted, so I’ve removed the link. I’m leaving the information, to keep that there.

Finally, and perhaps my favorite link (certainly the shortest!), is this piece on citizen vigilantes and food hoarders in 1918. It’s a letter to the U.S. Food Administration reporting that a food “hoard” one family has is reasonable. And it makes me grateful no one is out there looking to bust me for my little freezer problem. For the curious, I have cleared out Krysti’s freezer entirely & Rob’s freezer only has stuff in it for beers we’re going to brew together. My current freezers, however, are still overwhelmingly full.