Maybe Mead, Maybe Tomorrow

There’s a bottle of mystery homebrew in the fridge that I’m not sure we’ll ever open. We may haul it from place to place always letting it take up a bottle’s worth of room in our chronically over-stuffed fridge.

Or maybe we’ll open it tomorrow, and toast its makers.

Or maybe we’ll open it the day we get the news.

I can’t say.

This bottle is from our wedding. A last minute gift from our very good friends Jason and Heather. They didn’t gift it to us to be squirreled away in our fridge, but to be consumed by our guests at the wedding. It had been squirreled away because I wanted to try it, and I knew I wouldn’t have a chance at the wedding.… Continue reading →

Links! For YOU!

Well, it was bound to happen, right? After not quite three years in one place, it’s time to move again.

It should be fun. You guys will get to peek into a brand new kitchen sometime next month or early May! Ok, well, moving is never fun. But I mean fun for you guys to see some more changes.

So, that’s a quick update on us. However, I thought you guys might be interested in the following three food-related links.

Over at Us News there’s a list of strategies to reduce your personal food waste. I know that, awhile back, I learned how to store cheese properly from my friend Jessie, and it’s helped immensely. However, the link recommends against freezing milk, and I completely disagree with that.… Continue reading →

After the SausageFest, I Got into Some Mischief.

It was a busy beer weekend!

I don’t normally go to multiple events in a weekend, but a desire to check out the beers of OffColor Brewing combined with an unexpected chance to meet an internet beer buddy, Jeremy of SubBeerBia and an afternoon free of any other commitments (indeed, Bill was even off to a coffee event one day!) had last weekend’s afternoons booked in dedication of beer.

Before you ask, no, I was not hungover Monday. You didn’t get a post because there were some unexpected issues in our life (like a ceiling leak suddenly getting worse). BUT! I’ll concede it’s a reasonable question.

I met Jeremy and his wife, Sadie, at SausageFest. I also lucked into meeting Lori, a very new twitter friend.… Continue reading →

Beer Trip – Founders and 3Floyds

Last Saturday night, I’d gone to bed in a bit of a bad mood. This happens to the best of us, and typically a night’s sleep takes care of that. At least for me. So, it’s noteworthy when I wake up the next day still in a bad mood. In fact, aside from last Sunday, I can’t remember a time when a solid night’s sleep hasn’t given me a cheerier disposition.

Bill, being awesome, is well-attuned to this sort of thing. He also specifically committed to adventures with me back on our wedding day. So, he did the only reasonable thing he could do. He proposed we go have a beer at Founders Brewing.

For reference, here’s the route from roughly where we live to Founders Brewing:

View Larger Map

Important to note?… Continue reading →

I Actually Drank Something That Smelled Like the Ass-End of a Skunk

And I did so intentionally. I’d say I’m ashamed to admit this, but you all know I’d be lying. I mean, what else was I likely to encounter in a basic course about off-flavors in beer?

Yup, that happened this past Saturday, and I found it fascinating, so I wanted to share a little bit with you guys. And, frankly, encourage anyone who is in Chicago and interested to go try this course. It’s a very educational hour and a half. Well worth the $40 it cost me. Spoiler: I’m strongly considering going again.

The set-up is pretty simple. There’s a classroom and a lecturer with Power Point slides that don’t violate good Power Point rules by too much. Each seat in the class is provided with some of the slides, note-taking space, water and very bland crackers.… Continue reading →