CSA Delivery Tomorrow. Got Back in Town Last Night.

Bill and I got back from Baltimore late last night. I think we walked in the door about 11:45 pm or so. We got home, had a little snack, and collapsed into bed.

We were lucky1 this time around. The CSA only delivers bi-weekly during the winter, and so we left just after a delivery and the next delivery will be tomorrow night. Thus, we didn’t have to make any special arrangements for our food. That was nice.

However, it makes me want to hold off on grocery shopping. At least until the delivery hits. I have gotten a “sneak peek” of what we’ll be getting, but past experience has made me quite wary of relying on the sneak peek email. Sometimes they just can’t get you a thing they expected to pick, or sometimes you plan for a pound of turnips and they give you three baby turnips.… Continue reading →