Pinch Spice Market

I don’t know when we discovered Pinch Spice Market, but I’m really glad we did. It’s a great little business here in Chicago, on Milwaukee Avenue, maybe half a blog away from the Western-O’Hare Blue line stop. More importantly, it’s near Ipsento Coffee, which is where Bill is getting most of his coffee beans right now, so it’s a great place that’s conveniently located for us. Though, to be honest, I love the place so much I now go buy my spices there whether we’re going to Ipsento or not.

My Chicago readers need to check this place out. The selection is good, the interior gorgeous, and most importantly the proprietors, Mike and Shoebocks1, are incredibly friendly and helpful. Not only are they quick to help find a spice or fill an order, they’re happy to answer any question, or even just chat for a bit.… Continue reading →