Tell Me About Your Heritage Places.

So, my last post touched on the idea of the Field Museum of Natural History being a piece of Chicago’s heritage, if not the whole world’s heritage. I’d like to expand on that idea a bit, because it’s one that fascinates me. But, more than that, I want to know about your places.

I think we all have some basic idea of what this means. Even if we couldn’t name a one, we all know there are designated World Heritage Sites, but I’m not sure how many of us know exactly what that means. I know I didn’t. I just had, and have had, a sense of the word “heritage” and places I’d consider part of my/our cultural heritage.

I also find “heritage” to be one of those words where I feel I know the meaning, but probably couldn’t give a good verbal definition if asked. I think I’d say something like, “something that is practically a part of your being, by virtue of birth or specific circumstances”. Ergo, I consider the Field, it’s collections and research, to be an integral part of Chicago’s very being. indicates, I’m close. Certainly close enough for the purposes of this discussion.

So, I want to know about the museums/parks/restaurants/schools/battlefields/etc you consider part of the heritage of your places. Maybe there’s a little bakery that’s been around for a couple hundred years. Maybe there’s a big museum that has amazing collections of art. Maybe you live in Massachusetts and can claim Harvard as a public university! If you’re a transplant, tell me about that part of your hometown you miss horribly or that place you are so glad is now part of you in your new area.

Tell me about it. Tell me your place. Tell me WHY this or that is so vital to your place. Maybe share a memory. And, for sure, tell me the address (if there is one), so I can visit your place if I ever come visit you or visit your old hometown.

4 thoughts on “Tell Me About Your Heritage Places.

  1. You’ve given your readers quite an assignment. Would it be okay with you if I took some time and wrote a blog post of my own in reply to your question?

    • Yes, that’s great! I’d love that. But would you post a link here in the comments once it’s done? That way my readers can read it too. Or I’ll share it in a post. 😀

  2. Mine will always be Cady Cheese in Wilson, Wisconsin. I can almost conjure the milky smell. My dad took me on “field trips” there when I was a kid, and it was totally my favorite thing to rattle around with him on the country roads in his pickup to make our way over for fresh cheese curds.

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