Just Scroll to the Photo at the End

This post is oddly akin to my previous post about the post just not coming, in that it’s a post about writing.

Today, though, I’m almost having an opposite problem. On my walk to lunch, I had a pretty spectacular idea for a post, and the words are flowing now that I’m writing it. This is awesome and I’m going to dive right back into writing it soon. Unfortunately, it has some issues.

However, it’s less “immediate” than a post telling you how my giveaway dinner went (awesome, but you want more than that). So I feel like I ought to post that first. On top of that, it’s requiring research that I’m already growling in frustration at. Thirdly, it’s the kind of post that I guarantee I’m going to bog down in the middle and want to throw the computer across the room in frustration.… Continue reading →

Preparing for Tomorrow

I’ve mentioned my last giveaway on this blog quite a bit recently, in part because it’s on my mind a lot right now. See, my winners are coming over to eat, drink and be merry tomorrow, and I want to make sure it’s delicious and worthy of merriment.

I always stress a bit about hosting a dinner shindig, because I don’t do it often enough. Oh, I have a friend or two over for games and/or food all the time, but I rarely do a big, planned thing. Often, my friends come over on less than a day’s notice (sometimes less than an hour’s) and I feed them whatever Bill and I are eating that day and the house is in whatever state the house is in.… Continue reading →

Sometimes, the Post Just Doesn’t Come

And sometimes, it’s not the right one when it does come.

Today’s been a bit of an odd day for me. The cold around me has finally eased a bit, which means I don’t feel quite as miserable at home1. The last two days have seen me huddled up under blankets in between attempts to get anything done. I actually managed, amazingly, to get my whole to-do list completed Monday, but yesterday was a bust. I was just too cold to do much. I did get half a post written, though. Today, I had no to-do list, but I finished that post. And pretty much immediately realized it’s a post for Monday, not for today. And it will probably need to be revised between now and Monday.… Continue reading →

Food Inventory & What We’re Eating This Week.

I’m doing an inventory of my food today (and probably tomorrow). This is prompted by a couple of things, not the least of which were my recent musings on well-stocked freezers & pantries.

Bill and I discussed, this morning, that maybe we can get by for awhile without doing any grocery shopping. For me, a pipe dream would be to make it until after our next CSA delivery1 without shopping, except maybe for milk. That delivery would occur a week from tomorrow, meaning I’d be shopping a week from Wednesday. I think that’s asking too much of ourselves, partially because this upcoming Saturday is when I’m hosting the winners of my homebrew and home-cookin’ giveaway, but a gal can dream. If I can hold out until at least Saturday, to hit Green City Market or Logan Square Farmers Market, I’d still feel pretty excited.… Continue reading →

Musings on Well-Stocked Freezers and Pantries.

This is a photograph of my freezer from late October.

This is a photograph of my freezer from this morning.

Not much has changed. It’s very full, in both photos. And it’s not my only freezer, though I have fewer freezers than I used to.

Yesterday morning, I’m not quite sure why1, I realized that while I have a very fully-stocked pantry and freezers, I don’t really have well-stocked anything. I don’t think I’ve given it much thought before, as usually I associate “well-stocked” with “full (and thus you won’t starve).”

But, in truth, starving is just not something I’m reasonably facing. Sure, there’s the possibility I’ll be stranded in my house for awhile, but I do wonder how likely it is that I’ll be stranded, but with electricity and gas…

I got to thinking.… Continue reading →