Welcome to the new MetaCookbook! It’s been hard work to redesign it into something beautiful, functional, and more representative of what MetaCookbook has become and where it and I are going.

This has gone from the shared internet space where Bill and I challenged ourselves to cook ~2500 recipes to my blog, somehow, to the space where I, Tasha, accidentally started learning how to cook by trying to cook ~2500 recipes. I haven’t yet hit 200, though I thought I had recently. Wishful thinking.

Recipes and learning to cook aside, though, I’ve had a lot to just plain say about food. So, I’ve said it. I’ve also started showing you how I’m winging it, on occasion. Bill and I are still in discussions about the challenge that started this all. We’ll get back to you about it (maybe more than once), and we’ll park those posts here as well.

It turns out I also just have a lot to say, often where food is peripheral, but no more than that. So, I’ve shared these thoughts, but they don’t really fall into a “food” category. So, I’ve put them here in “Blather”.

On top of all that, I’ve recently found myself talking about the intersection of food and science with multiple friends, and had a lot of not-food science conversations with others. I miss my science conversations and readings and learning, so I decided to start sharing science thoughts and learning here with you. A lot of this, much like the cooking that launched this blog, will be a lot of “learning in public”, though some will just be opinion and fact. I hope you’ll join in and enjoy the ride.

Finally, I’ve become much more interested in beer in the last year. Like, a lot more. I’ve occasionally wanted to talk to you guys about it, but haven’t known what to say or where to say it. But I’m reading about it and drinking it and thinking about it. So, I decided to just give myself space to talk about it beer. Right now, it’s the smallest section, as I haven’t figured out exactly what to say here, but it will grow. (Also, if you read beer blogs, please share in the comments. I’d love to know of a few more!)

So, that’s what’s new over here! Bill, Angelique and I have worked pretty hard on this and, as with anything new, there have been some growing pains. For example, we know some of the old comments are missing, and we’re working to recover them. However, comments on new posts will be just fine. There are undoubtedly things we don’t know that are broken, it seems that’s always the way. If you encounter something, please use one of the “connect” buttons to the right and let us know.

Food. Science. Beer. Blather. That’s where MetaCookbook is these days, and it should be a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the new site, and especially the new sections. Thanks again for visiting.

9 thoughts on “Welcome!


    I LOVE IT!

    I know this comment looks like spam, but it’s basically me squeeling with excitement for you! Good job on the makeover, can’t wait to dig in more. So proud of you!!

  2. Imagine my surprise,when I popped over here to see what you and Bill were up to.The site is beautiful !!!! Fair warning, your mother is now reading your blog. 😉

    • Hi, Mom!

      I was pretty sure you’d forgotten the url to this place, actually. I’m glad you’re here & reading.

      Fair waring back atcha: I keep my language cleaner with you in person than I do anywhere else. Including here. Also, I posted a picture of my friend flipping someone off. OTOH, I did post this and this. So I’m probably doing ok.

    • I love, of course, ecstatic comments from the people I design sites for, but getting public cheers from a client’s mom is a first! Yay & hullo to Tasha’s Mom. 🙂

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