Freezers, Bachelors and Food

Once upon a time, I was a totally normal person. I was in college. I went to my classes. I came home. I went out with friends. I ate at El Cam to study late at night. My freezer was very full of frozen veggies and microwave meals and such.

Ok. Maybe not totally normal. I suppose most college students’ freezers look a bit more like The Bachelor Cook’s freezer than my old college freezer. Booze and ice and air. I’m pretty sure you just can’t see that she’s got booze in there.

Anyway. My roommates and I always kept a reasonably well stocked fridge and freezer. And I was always a little frustrated at how little one can get into an above-fridge freezer. So you can imagine my delight when my late great-grandmother gave me her old upright.

I call it “the big freezer.” I feel like Bill only recently got the hang of which one was the big freezer and which one is “the little freezer.” This is understandable, as the little freezer is attached to the fridge, making the whole thing bigger overall.

Both of these freezers are pretty full. I’m slowly emptying them, as time passes. Earlier today, you couldn’t see the ice maker in the little freezer. Good thing we rarely need ice now that summer’s over.

However, I’m a good friend. A caring person. Someone who really wants my friends to be in their best financial shape, as much as I can help with this. So, when I see things like the first photo? Well, it might lead me to realize I can help her out. I can temporarily store some of my food in her freezer. I’ll save her money by making her freezer more efficient!

I promise you, it’s LOVE that makes me take advantage fill up Krysti’s freezer for awhile. Love. Love that helps her keep her electric bills down by making her freezer more efficient. And it’s not just Krysti I’m helping out right now. Our friend Rob also often has a painfully empty freezer. So I’m helping him out with freezer-efficiency-based love too.

I just don’t know how I’m going to express my love to these people as the winter progresses and I cause their freezers to cease being maximally efficient. Probably, I’ll give them beer. Saving money on beer is like saving money on electricity, right?

8 thoughts on “Freezers, Bachelors and Food

  1. I bet you’re the only one in town besides the serial killers who’s storing bones in 4 separate freezers.

            • I have never stored bones in every freezer that I use. So, only three, two of which are in our house. Not that I’d hesitate to put bones in all the freezers, I just haven’t had that many bones. And keeping them in the house freezers is easier.

              However, now that this comment thread continues, I should say that TODAY, I emptied the big freezer of bones. So we’re down to two freezers, one in the house.

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