Changes are afoot at MetaCookbook!

And they’re going to be super cool changes.

First of all, we’re changing up the software. We’re moving from Serendipity to WordPress. Serendipity has been okay for us, but mostly it just made both of us crazy. Not something we expected when we selected it as a platform, but there’s some things you only discover as you go along.

On top of that, the site’s getting a complete makeover. We may have to spend some time in a transition space, basically Wordress’s default design, until the kinks are ironed out in the makeover design. I hope not, but it’s a possibility based on having to change the software when we did. Basically, if we hadn’t done it now, we were looking at November at the earliest.

Finally, and most importantly, the overall direction is changing some. To be honest, I don’t know how much. Right now, my intention and expectation is that this will remain a strongly food-focused blog, because that remains where my interests largely lie.

So, I’m adding three more categories to the site. Science, because I couldn’t get away from it and don’t really want to. Science is spiffy. Beer, because it turns out I think beer is super awesome and I want to talk about it more. And Blather, because sometimes I just want to talk to you about whatever springs to mind.

I expect each of these three to remain less full categories than Food, though we’ll see as time goes on. I also imagine all of them will intersect quite heavily with food. I mean, there’s so much obvious intersection to be had.

These changes may mean some hiccups in how the site functions. If you encounter a dead link or your comment gets eaten or something like that, please do let us know. Some of this stuff is obvious, but some isn’t always obvious to us, and all help is appreciated.

Thanks so much. Maintaining this blog, haphazard as it has sometimes been, has meant a lot to me over the years, and I appreciate you guys coming along for the ride.