Sometimes you get to do what you want and save money in the process

Sometimes, there’s a reason and a way to manage everything. I think it’s rare, but yesterday I got lucky and got to manage all of it. Including figuring out a way to modify the tomato sauce recipe I love so much that last year I froze a bunch for the winter.

Reading that post, I see I owe you guys a post on how it froze. I’ll get right on that. But this post is about managing to make tomato sauce for my freezer while focusing on the more important things I really had to get done. Though I suppose mentioning that I made more gives you guys some indication of how it froze, eh?

Anyway, I did manage to make tomato sauce yesterday. I did not go clothing shopping. I did do piles of laundry. I did a bunch of the cleaning from the week (and weekend) before. I read a scientific article about beer1. I made dinner. I dug around in my closet for pants for Bill for the wedding. I didn’t find them, but I found a skirt I’ve apparently set aside for just such an occasion. Win! I heard back from my friend and his lovely bride-to-be, and now I have a better sense of what I should be shopping for. That part? I think that’s the real win.

It wouldn’t have done me a lot of good to go barreling out shopping yesterday, as was my stress-induced plan. I probably would have spent too much money on something I still wasn’t sure would be appropriate for this particular wedding. By waiting for that email response, but also not running out to the farmers market once I’d decided to wait and see what my friend had to say, I got a much better sense of what I need.

It also gave me the chance to thing about the ~1 1/4 lb of tomatoes on my counter that needed to be used up. And the basil from my Thursday CSA delivery. And the fact that I’d made some tomato puree while Bill’s dad and stepmom were here, and I hadn’t used it all up. With that, I realized I could probably make a full single batch of “Naked Sauce,” giving me food for my freezer, preventing me from wasting food that was already in my house, and making sure I didn’t bring in more perishable goods right before I ran off to Salt Lake.

Sometimes, I get to have it all. I’m going to cherish this feeling, because we all know it won’t last.

fn1. More on this soon! Beer! Science! Two of my favorite things! You know you’re going to be reading something about this, right?