Meeting Bill’s Family in Seattle, WA.

After Salt Lake City, Bill and I hit the road again. Well, the contrails or something. We flew, is what I mean. Flew from Salt Lake City to Seattle, WA. While there, we saw a ton of friends. We made new friends. I got to meet some of Bill’s extended family for the first time. That was super awesome because Bill’s aunt makes an amazing dinner. You all? You’re disappointed you didn’t get to eat with us.

This is actually something Bill’s Uncle Russ made. The morning of our arrival, he and Bill’s cousin Jack went down to some place in Seattle where you buy fishes and bought two big salmon. When they got them home, they discovered one was full of eggs – an amazing and lucky treat! So Russ got a wild idea and brined, then smoked, the roe. He served it with corn tortilla chips and tangy Greek yogurt, and he and I devoured it like crazy people. Holy HELL, so good. It should be impossible for food to be this good.

And that was just the appetizer! Bill’s Aunt Katherine made a huge spread. She and Russ grilled the fish (WOWZA, fresh makes a difference). She put me in charge of making this lovely tomato and roasted beet salad. She steamed broccoli. She made this zingy potato salad. She curried cherry tomatoes and rice1. We had wine. Bill’s cousin (in-law), Jessica, made the most amazing gluten-free cookies I have ever had. I thought mine were good, but hers were better.

Seriously. The best meal of the trip. Russ was highly disappointed I didn’t get more food photos, but I was too busy chatting, eating, picking tomatoes, and meeting some incredible people to think about my camera2.

Russ may be disappointed in me, but I just can’t regret it. I got to hear all about his motorcycle AND he let me sit in the sidecar! Though, by then, the party’d been through two bottles of wine, so there was no driving. I also got to see his model trains and his ride-able model trains (which, NEAT). I heard all about Bill’s cousin Joesph’s experience in flight school. I found out that Jessica (Joesph’s wife) and I have very much the same story when it comes to our mutual interest in food AND much the same story in meeting the one for you in college, but not knowing it until years later.

I feel very lucky to be a part of Bill’s family. I’m going to be remembering that night for years to come, and not even mostly for the food.

fn1. Also amazing. I’ve asked for the recipe, it was so good. Seriously. You guys are envious.

fn2. (Bad food blogger! No gluten-free cookie!)