What a day. Already.

It’s just about 10:30 am as I sit down to type this. Though I have taken to scheduling posts, this isn’t one of them. Nope. This is a real time post all about what’s going down in my house.

We have company arriving tomorrow evening. We can’t wait to see our good friends. We can’t wait to feed them with all the goodies we got from our CSA. Eggplant. Kale. Lettuce. Tomatoes. Peppers, both sweet and hot.

Oh, did I say tomatoes? I did? Yup. I might have a few tomatoes. A few. I mean, 25 lbs counts as a few, right?

Actually, I purchased 25 lbs extra from the farm so I could can them and turn them into pasta sauce. So, I had a hot and messy day planned for today. Once Bill got home from work, the goal was to be done canning so we could pay attention to putting the finishing touches on the office/guest room.

So, given everything I have to do today, why am I typing out an entry instead of working like a busy bee?

Because I went to go turn on my kitchen sink, and the water stopped. Completely. I shouted to Bill that I might not be able to get to canning today as I walked to our guest bathroom to try the sink there. Which worked.

Previously, during the Bachelor Cook’s visit, we’d had to replace the kitchen faucet. Bill and Krysti discovered that the hot water pipe lead doesn’t turn off all the way, which made for an adventure in replacing the faucet. It also made Bill wonder where the water shut off for our apartment is. The next day he found out from The Guy Who Knows These Things that you can’t turn off the water to a single apartment. Only to a whole floor.

So, as you can imagine, the fact that our bathroom had water and our kitchen sink did not had us pretty sure something was either going on in our faucet itself or in the pipes leading directly to the sink. I briefly mentioned calling The Guy Who Knows These Things and asking if our water had been turned off, but Bill pointed out that he’d already had this conversation with The Guy Who Knows These Things a few months ago, and if we had water to the bathroom, we had water. Thus, we both agreed, the problem had to either be in our faucet (bad, but we can cope with that) or in the pipes leading to the faucet (very bad, since the building’s staff had largely taken today and Monday off, and we have guests arriving…)

After making our plan to deduce which it was, Bill left for work. I pulled everything out from under the sink, and got ready to disconnect the faucet leads from the faucet pipes1. Bill left, I went looking for a wrench, and then heard my phone buzzing. It was the front desk telling me that The Guy Who Knows These Things wanted to come look at a leak. I thought, because he’d mentioned some complaints about pipe noise from the woman below us, that he wanted to come poke at our formerly-leaking-but-mysteriously-fixed-itself-with-no-human-intervention toilet.

Nope. He wanted to come make sure our kitchen sink wasn’t running. Because they’d turned the water off to it so they could cut some pipe.

Awesome. We have no idea. Our guest bathroom water is all fine. Our dishwasher seemed fine. Our private bathroom has very low pressure, but some water. I’m pretty sure he said the water was off to the whole floor, and he’d asked our building manager to get a message to us before this happened. However, clearly she did not, and maybe he meant the water was out to all the kitchens in my part of the building. I really have no idea.

I’m just glad this happened after our showers but before I did anything else that needed running water, and that The Guy Who Knows These Things got ahold of me before I attempted disassembling my faucet. I’m also hopeful that the time I “wasted” writing this post is the amount of time they needed to get my water flowing today. Because, I repeat: Tomatoes.

fn1. I’m sure there’s actual technical terms for these bits. I don’t know them. This was gonna be my first foray into something resembling plumbing.