Now I’m pretty sure I never want a wall to be “pesto” green

It turns out that Bill’s mother has a far more impressive food processor than Bill and I do. Very big, decently liquid-tight, strong motor. I am sure of this, despite having never seen her food processor. How do I know?

Well, I made her pesto recipe Monday night. I made a half batch, because that’s all the more basil I had. Guess what a half batch of Rosa’s pesto in my food processor looks like?

Yup. And that’s just a half batch! I can clearly never make a full batch.

I did figure out how to clean all of that up, and then finish making the batch without further disaster on my walls. It involved considering growing a third arm & hand to hold the towel around the food processor, but I did it.

And, because I love you guys very much, this time I remembered to take pictures. I even got out my flashlight to get a bit better lighting for you, so you could actually SEE the mess. This is unlike other times when I sometimes forget to take photos or, like with the peach puree disaster, I don’t even think to blog about it.

So, here you go. Here’s my commitment to try to take photos of the kitchen disasters from here on out. I hope you enjoy them. Especially if I get in trouble with Bill for photographing first & cleaning second.