A gift of produce

In light of my last post on interdependency, I thought it might be nice to show a fun little slice of it. In this case, it ties back to Ellen and Grant.

As I said in the linked post, I met them on Twitter. So this is maybe 90% of how we interact. Ellen, a bit ago, tweeted something about eating tomatoes for every meal. She also said something about Grant abandoning her with a prolific garden.

You see, Grant and Ellen share a large garden and some chickens somewhere in the north of Chicago. I guess Grant is traveling right now, and so not pulling his weight in terms of eating the food they’ve grown. And apparently there’s only so much Ellen and the chickens can eat. So, Ellen very kindly brought Bill and I some of the harvest. We are a very lucky couple!

Ok, let’s be honest. I doubt this is at all a moment where Grant and Ellen are leaning on us. I’m sure they have ways to deal with all their produce that I am still learning how to do. So, we’re really lucky they shared with us. Ellen even hand-delivered it to me!

But I’m going to keep telling myself I really did rescue her from all this food. Because I’m just a kind soul like that.