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I recently had a birthday. Like, less than a month ago. Just after my birthday, I made a list of things I wanted to get done or have made into habits by the time my next birthday rolled around. One of my “habits” to be formed is that I want to start participating in “Meatless Mondays”. Sounds good, right?

Well, I had my list made just before New Year’s Eve, which means there’s only been two Mondays I’ve been challenged to so far. And the first one was a holiday & we went out to breakfast & I totally stole some of Bill’s corned beef hash.


However, that’s no excuse to give up. I have to push on & keep trying. Only, really, I suck at both vegetarian cooking and, more generically, meal planning. So I’m looking for recipes and tips.

What are some of your favorite vegetarian recipes out there?

What do you do to make a meal come together? Are you, like my friend Marty (I’m told), set on the idea of “a meal consists of at least one each of the following: starch, protein, veggie”? Or are you more like me and occasionally say, “Meh. I just roasted a butternut squash and we can eat that.” Do you do anything special if it’s a vegetarian meal rather than a meal with meat?

Thanks for your advice, folks!

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian cooking

  1. We had quiche last week, I usually make it with broccoli, no meat needed (though it is good you are going vegetarian and not vegan on Mon). Also a pasta with cream sauce and veggies added is always good. I sauteed brussel sprouts and tomatoes in garlic and olive oil a few weeks ago and served it over pasta, I thought it was great, the rest of my family was less thrilled though.

  2. If I’m having a meatless meal, it’s usually a cheese pasta. That’s probably not very helpful to you! Unfortunately, my husband isn’t a big fan of cooked veggies, so cooking “vegetarian” wouldn’t work very well for us. Sometimes we’ll have cheese pasta, a big salad with egg, or tomato soup and grilled cheese, and that gets the stamp of approval. I have a few meatless recipes on my blog – do you want me to tag them with something to make it easier for you to search?
    It seems to me that a lot of your recipes are already meatless – why not make Mondays “soup night” instead of labeling them “meatless”? You can make them all meatless soups, but maybe taking the label away will take the pressure off since you’re not cooking “vegetarian”.
    Now, if by “meatless” you mean no stock or broth, either, then I guess that’s not quite as easy, but I took it to mean no slab of meat on your dinner plate, and it’s for economic and environmental reasons more than a philisophical anti-meat stance. And I suspect this is the case, considering you had a freezer crammed full of hog not too long ago!

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