Apparently, this starts tonight.

Which is good, on one hand, as I had no specific plans for tonight’s dinner. On the other hand, I was kind of hoping she’d delay a little. You know, to a time that isn’t immediately after the holidays, immediately after Bill was rather sick, and so on.

With that, let me share with you a conversation to start a New Year with:

Krysti: Ever make mashed cauliflower?
Natasha: No, but I hear it’s yummy

Krysti: Eating it now. And yes

Natasha: Nice

Krysti: I seem to clean out my fridge on weekends, of things-to-cook

Natasha: Oh?

Natasha: That’s better than I do. Cleaning out the fridge is a haphazard & terrifying experience in my world

Krysti: ahahaa

Krysti: I SO agree with you

Krysti: Your fridge is scary

Natasha: About my fridge? Man, you’re harsh!

Natasha: Isn’t this the moment to politely pretend you don’t think that and say something like, “That’s too bad.”?

Krysti: Oh, you can take it

Natasha: Apparently

Krysti: Honesty is the best policy

Natasha: Honestly is USUALLY the best policy.

Natasha: Typically.

Natasha: Often.

Natasha: 😉

Krysti: I’m secretly jealous of your fridge, because whenever I open it I think of all the things you can make with its contents

Natasha: Come down and cook from it sometime

Krysti: Really? Fun!

Natasha: Seriously, yes

Natasha: And, if you’re really interested/motivated/kind/whatever, then write me a guest post about it

Krysti: oooo

Krysti: “How a bachelor cooks out of MetaCookbook’s fridge”

Krysti: “Part 1”

Natasha: Bam!

Natasha: This could be a regular series

Krysti: I like where you’re going with this

Krysti: I’ll inspect upon my next visit

Her next visit is tonight, because she heard me threatening to clean out the fridge. I am terrified. Normally, I don’t let the fridge get too bad, but it’s bad right now. Worse than I have let it get in a LOOOONG time.

Still, knowing my favorite bachelors (Krysti included), I still have far more edible food around than they do. So this should be a treat.

I do not, however, claim I will refrain from dulling the embarrassment with white wine.

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  1. I am SUPER excited to hear how this turned out. I have almost zero “whip a meal together with what’s on hand” skills (Marty does all of that).

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