A link for today.

I had plans for a special post today, but it turns out life gets in the way sometimes, and you have to make a totally different post. Namely, life got in the way by Hostess (of Twinkie & Wonderbread fame) filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Now, I don’t know if you all recall my semi-shameful admission hidden in this long post here, but I love(d) me some Hostess Cupcakes.

Interestingly, after I went to the conference I posted about there, my Hostess Cupcake eating dropped dramatically. I left the conference to visit a good friend, who had driven 6 hours to come pick me up. On the 6 hour trip home, we stopped at a convenience store and I grabbed my faithful friend, the two-pack of Hostess Cupcakes. I ate them, but basically realized they don’t taste all that good. And they’re really bad for me, the environment, and just generally not good. I ended up having no interest in eating them for about six months, maybe more. I’ve had one or two since then, and my enjoyment is creeping back up. However, it turns out they aren’t what I want any more.

But I’d still be sad to see them go. Only them, though. Twinkies are vile abominations that should cease existing post-haste.