Merry Christmas

I love Christmas. I can’t lie. I think Christmas lights are the best thing ever, and I love the stories that go along with the ornaments that hang on our tree. Even the unremarkable “we totally bought them at Macy’s for our first Christmas together” ornaments. They’re remarkable to us.

Our tree has very few ornaments that are just there for filler. There’s one or two, purchased years ago when we weren’t together or that first year we were together. (Of course, those ones, over the few Christmases since, have been upgraded.) Mostly the ornaments on our tree tell the story of us. Mostly, to be honest, the story of Bill or the story of Tasha before we were Bill plus Tasha. I love it. I love that we are blending our histories together via history, Christmas ornaments & holiday traditions.

I smile every time I see Bill’s wooden “Merry Christmas” computer ornament, as much as I smile every time I see the few little wooden Santa that survived so many years of dogs & kids & moves at my childhood house. (Those wooden ornaments were our primary decorations for years. EVERY year one or more of them was destroyed by something. Often a dog. This shouldn’t make me miss having a dog, but it does. However, should I get a dog, these ornaments, and the computer, go to the TOP of the tree.)

We have no major plans today, except to make a rib roast. We did this for the first time last year. It really felt, somehow, like the beginning of a tradition for this little family, so I wanted to do it again this year. So, we will. Only, this time, it’s bone-in. I couldn’t justify a 6 lbs boneless roast for a family of two when I could get a bone-in roast of 3lbs (much more reasonable).

Beyond that, the menu’s up in the air. We’ll have something with turnips, because the CSA had a lot of turnips at the end, and they last in the fridge for about a million years. Bill may make potato pancakes (this was the plan), but maybe not. Poor guy caught a nasty chest cold yesterday or the day before. We’ll probably eat some spinach in some way.

In any case, I just wanted to pop on, say hello, and share a little insight into our holiday this year, and wish everyone a happy Christmas, if you celebrate it, and happy other holidays if you celebrate them. Next year, we may be a two-holiday household ourselves. But, we’ll see. One season at a time.

Thanks for reading.