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What food-related blogs do you guys, my readers, also read (or write)? Or my husband. He can comment too. I know he reads a bunch of good ones, but I end up failing to remember the ones he mentions.

I have been feeling, recently, that I don’t read enough food-related blogs. Then, of course, I wonder if I am sublimating my desire to buy a cookbook into feeling as if I should read more food blogs. The fact that I probably will never buy a cookbook again in my life may have a little something to do with this concern.

In any case, I’m curious what I’m missing out on, and so I’m asking here for links you write and/or like. And how many food(-related) blogs you read.

Currently, I have 15 “cooking” blogs in my RSS and 14 “food stuff that’s not cooking” blogs. As you can imagine, there’s considerable overlap in these categories. Within these categories, only about 11 of the “cooking” blogs and 7 of the “not cooking” update with any regularity1.

So, what am I potentially missing out on? Do you guys want to know what’s on my current list?

fn1. I read, as you all have figured out, Pioneer Woman’s blog. I read all of it except for “Entertainment”. She’s in both the cooking & not cooking categories.

2 thoughts on “Food blogs

  1. I just started following one called Budget Bytes. The interface is so clean, and the step-by-step photos are actually useful.
    I also follow Bittman, and some from Real Simple and Eating Well for ideas for quick, fresh, and healthy meals.

    • Thanks! I hadn’t heard of Budget Bytes. I’ll have to check it out.

      I do follow Bittman, which is probably no surprise. I didn’t think of the fact that Real Simple & Eating Well must have blogs, so that’s a bonus too.

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