The next few days

I’ve been contemplating that monstrous list to the right. That one that tells you what we’ve cooked so far. Cooked, but haven’t posted. Something must be done there.

So, over the next few days, I’m going to crank out some of that list. It’s not going to be what’s been standard to this point. To be frank, I cannot remember what was hard and what was easy and what was weird and so on of that list. Thus, instead, I’m just going to post a few photos, and give you our basic impression of the recipe’s flavor.

Interspersed with that, I’m planning to update the “About page”: and I will include other recipes that are ours, or “misc recipes”:,-please.html or what have you. I may also update “The Rules,”:… Continue reading →

Is it pesto?

Wow, it’s 3:35 pm as I sit down to type this up. That was fast

Now all I have to do is figure out what to serve it on. Bill’s mother, Rosa, once made us salmon with pesto on top, and some amazing onion side. I haven’t figured out her pesto, or that onion side, but it might be a nice way to do it again. Possibly tonight, as I have some salmon in the house.

The side, though? It will probably be cream of broccoli soup, following “this recipe.”: Only I don’t have heavy cream on hand, so I’ll use half & half.

So, what was today’s pesto?

h2. Ingredients

Note: All these measurements, except the cheese, are utterly wild guesses. Proceed at your own risk.Continue reading →

Confession time

I only like basil in small quantities. A pesto lover, I am not.

“But, Natasha,” I hear you say. “You have at least two basil plants in “your garden”:!”

Yup. It’s because I would like to like basil more. And because Bill would probably be a basil fish if he could figure out the anatomy. A pesto lover does not even begin to describe Bill.

I’ve only had one pesto I’ve ever enjoyed. Angelique’s husband, Marty, made it. Then he emailed me the recipe, when I said I liked it. I made it in my home later that year. To be honest? I don’t recall how I felt about it when I made it. Weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, since basil is on the list of foods I’d like to like (more), I’m trying something new today.… Continue reading →

Market Day – Any Questions?

My friend “Jen”: has requested that I do a once a week series, on Mondays, on what “the market”: was like the prior day. I had been disinclined to do so, as I occasionally feel that it would bore the snot out of anyone reading, but today I changed my mind. At least for today.

The change was brought about, in part, while discussing the market with Bill’s employee Dan. We were discussing the fact that I would like to have data on what sort of items my patrons would like to see at the market (as well as what potential patrons would like to see!).

At the market, I would introduce a survey to find out. Indeed, I am working on one this week. Here on the blog, I write about it.… Continue reading →

[115 – 118] Let’s talk jam again, shall we?

Wow. It took long enough to find out the last challenge recipe I posted that I am embarrassed. I’ve been cooking (though not as much as this time last year), and not putting the challenges up.

Well, it may change HOW I do it, but that’s changing right now. It’s changing with the last few recipes I’ve made. I will, at the least, document them.

With that out of the way, let’s get to jam.

Today I am making black currant jam. I may also make some sort of blueberry jam. I didn’t buy a lime, so I can’t make blueberry-lime again, I don’t think. I don’t know how much jarred juice (shoosh) to add to make up the amount of juice in one lime, and there’s no replacement for zest.… Continue reading →