Meadow Haven Farm Visit – Hogs

Finally! The end of the road! The hogs!

I explained why we ended up at the farm “in the chicken post”: and had plenty to say about cows “in the cow post”: and I tend to “talk” a lot, so I’m betting you all are expecting a lot of words now, aren’t you?

I actually don’t have many. My only pre-Meadow Haven experience with hogs was at Girl Scout camp a bazillion years ago (I think I was 9, but I’m not sure) and I don’t remember much. We had to take turns feeding them, at a frequency of about once a week. Since I was only there a week, I only fed ’em once. I don’t remember the hogs in the slightest, just that I was disgusted by having to carry this heavy bucket of slop out to them! It was gross! Ew!

I sure hope Girl Scouts still have to do such things. It’s character building.

Anyway, that means I just don’t have anything else to say about hogs. So, onto the pictures!

These guys were the first hogs we saw. There were a few others in there with them, but the photos I got of them were terrible, so I’m not subjecting you guys to them.

For the record? Full grown hogs are pretty darn big. I had some sense of this when I realized I could end up with about “200lbs of meat from a hog”: but that didn’t really translate into how big a live hog was for me.

Big, for the record.

One of the things that I really liked about Meadow Haven, before I got here, was that all their animals are raised on pasture (or can get to it), and have plenty of room to run around.

What I didn’t realize, for the hogs, was how much room. Nor how well a hog could hide in tall grass. As you can see, the answer is, “Surprisingly well”.

I giggled a lot watching these guys run around. They’re cute. Partially because some of them are babies.

See? Little guys.

I about died of cuteness when we saw these guys. They just don’t have a care in the world it seems, beyond rolling in the dirt, using the nearest handy thing to scratch their own backs, running around and sleeping. And, of course, they’re little. As I said in the cow entry, “baby anything = cute”.

Jeremy totally knew this would be my reaction too, FYI. I made that noise so many people make when they unexpectedly see a delightful baby critter and commented about how much I like baby animals. He smiled and said, “Yeah, that’s why we came over here.”

And with that, the cutest thing ever: