Maybe a break in the heat.

I need to be testing recipes for the wedding. I haven’t done any testing since the last recipe I posted which was, “oh, like a million years ago.”:

I also have about a bazillion pounds of zucchini in my fridge. Basically, I made the mistake of buying zucchini at a market days before my CSA showed up with mostly zucchini in it. I think, given all the zucchini, I want to make a few loves of zucchini bread.

However, like much of the country, we’re in the midst of an impressive heat wave. The thought of turning on the oven makes me die a little on the inside. Where I keep all my water.

All of that said, we seem to have a break in the heat today. It’s “only” going to hit 90F out, and the sun hasn’t yet come out to play today. Thus, the house is not as insanely hot as it has been. (Yes, we have & use A/C, but we try to keep it set to temperatures that don’t involve us handing over a paycheck to ComEd.) Thus, I can bake something today.

Both of these baking situations are pretty dire. On the one hand, tons of zucchini. On the other, a wedding that is OMG TWO MONTHS AWAY.

So, assuming I can only manage one baking recipe today/tonight without dying, which should I make?

ETA: Bill points out that I never actually make the choice I’m asking for help with clear, as I don’t say “cookies” anywhere. He’s right, so I’ll try again. If can only bake one thing today, should it be zucchini bread, or a test run of a gluten-free cookie for the wedding?

2 thoughts on “Maybe a break in the heat.

  1. Zucchini bread. Without a doubt. B/c you know my stand on glutenless things. (Even though I know you’re being a good hostess, lalala, still, when you ask my opinion, I’m voting gluten.)

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