Help me out, please?

A little while ago, I realized I had one category called “recipes” and was putting any post that resembled a recipe in that category. However, I felt that category was bulking up and there were a lot of recipes that were not the “main dish” of this blog in there. So I broke it up into “Challenge Recipes” (aka – the main dish), “Wedding Recipes” (aka – the smallest category) and “Our Recipes” (aka – HOLY CRAP I’M LEARNING TO COOK).

However, what do I do with a recipe someone gave me that is in none of those categories? It’s not in the “Challenge Recipes” category because it’s a recent gift (so it wasn’t part of the challenge stash). I’m not serving it at my wedding. (I would, as it was TASTY, but it would insult one of the best men and would gross out a solid half of the guests.) And, obviously, I didn’t invent it. It’s simply not my recipe.

Should I throw it in “challenge” and explain it got added to the stash? Maybe do that and not count it? Should I devise a new category (which would probably become the new “smallest category”)? If a new category, what do you suggest I name it?